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Feeling good about the community you live in can be just as important as selecting the right home. As local experts, We can help you find a neighborhood that best suits your needs. From local restaurants and activities to school information and market trends.  The Coachella Valley has 9 very distinct cities from Palm Springs to Coachella.  Each city has a reason to live there: it all depends on the lifestyle you want to live in.

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Considering buying a home in Palm Springs that is on Lease Land?  


Lease Land

Greater Palm Springs Lease Land

About half of Palm Springs is on Tribal lease land, and parts of Cathedral City and Rancho Mirage. Lease and Fee Simple land is laid out in a checkerboard pattern. Approximately every other section of this pattern being owned by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. Within each lease land section, there can be fee simple land if the tribal member has sold their land. There are over 23,000 residential and commercial properties on lease land. In most cases, individual tribal members own the land personally, with the leases being administered by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). The lease payment amount covers a long-term use of the land. Although you do not own the land, the lease gives you the legal right to use the land for the duration of the lease period. This is like condo ownership where you do not own the land it sits on and fees are paid to the condo owners association.

Generally, homes on leased land are 15-25% lower in value than Fee Simple land yet appreciate the same. Lease land is more marketable when the lease is for a longer period of time. The shorter the length, the more difficult it may be to market the property. When considering buying lease land, ask when the lease expires, what the yearly amount is for the lease, and if the lease is currently being renegotiated to extend the lease. Since there are many factors involved, renegotiating the extension can take 10 or more years to execute. Think of lease land as paying overtime rather than all upfront.

We also have some leased land that is privately owned and developer’s leases that are not on tribal land. 

For more information and detailed explanations, contact the Bernal-Smith Group or see below for links to more information.

History of Tribal lease land in Palm Springs:

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To reveal the checkerboard tribal reservation map covering every other square mile of the Palm Springs area:

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To verify if a property is on lease land or fee simple land click below and type in a property address

(keep in mind, some tribal reservation land is now fee simple land)

Fee Simple or Tribal Lease Land? 

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 **None of the above statements can be guaranteed. Before you enter a transaction on lease land, you should read
and review all contracts, leases and information about the specific lease as all leases are unique and subject
to changes. We recommend you consult with your accountant, attorney, and tax advisor prior to
making any real estate purchases on Lease OR Fee land.

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Modernist Architects that made Palm Springs the historically significant community we are today.  

The draw for people all over the world is mostly because of what these visionaries created here in the valley.  Architects from Hugh M. Kaptur to William Krisel to name a few.  There are many books and information on each.